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    These hints will help you to get better and faster support

    * Please state the render application and the renderer:
    There are about 24 render applications (Maya, Softimage, Nuke, ...) and about 30 render engines (Arnold, VRay,..)

    * Debug Info:
    If you have an issue with one or multiple jobs and you have not found the origin of the issue, then you can select the job(s) in rrControl and execute "Export debug info - selected job(s)" via the menu "Debug".
    DO NOT RESET the job. If you reset the job, all information before the reset is lost! Reset is like if you have never send the job to the farm before.

    * Support ticket topic:
    Try to use a short subject/topic that can tells us a bit about the contents of your problem.

    * Do not reply to old tickets if you have a new question:
    It can be that the support staff member that answered your old question is currently not available (2 weeks vacation?). If the ticket was closed some time ago, your new question does not arrive with a "new" status. Or if the tickets get very long with e.g. 30 emails and contain many issues/questions, it is harder to keep track of all issues not mentioned in the first and/or last email. Especially if the development departement gets the ticket as reference to fix an issue. They might overlook an issue somewhere in-between.

    * RR or render application issue?
    If there is an issue rendering your scenes, then it depends if the issue was created by RR or the render application you use: If you cannot render a simple scene with a textured cube, then it is most likely an issue that can easily be solved within RR. If it is a special scene, then we have some experience in solving these issues.You should collect a bit of information about the issue:
    Please state some informations beside "It is not rendering." RR keeps an error log, a job log and render log files for each job. So there is at least some information you can get. (See rrHelp section "Troubleshooting").